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Best heater for a dusty workshop or shed

man turning wood on a lathe

It’s that time of year when most of us need some added warmth in our workshops. However, with nearly all types of heaters, dust from woodworking, metalworking or DIY can cause safety and reliability issues.

This is because in most heaters, the thing that produces the heat, known as the element, is exposed to the dust. Not only will this affect the operation of the heater, sometimes it can be downright dangerous!

The solution is a high quality shortwave infrared heater like the VARMA ECOWRN/7. This 1.3kW electric heater with its safety glass front is impervious to moisture and dust and is cheap to run. It produces shortwave infrared and will spot heat a working area of around 3 x 4 metres. It will even work outside or with the garage door open.

Plug your ECOWRN/7 in for instant warmth or add a SunSwitch controller to adjust the heat output for extra comfort and economy. Leave the heater just glowing and energy consumption will be little more than a light bulb. Yet it will provide background warmth and stabilize humidity, which is great news for anyone working with natural materials like wood.

Infrared workshop heater - IP54

Varma Workshop heater - IP54 (dustproof & splashproof)

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