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Evaporative Air Cooling

The cool, natural air of a waterfall, for the price of a light bulb

Star Progetti’s ECO FRESH AIR evaporative air coolers cool the air naturally, creating a pleasant microclimate in areas frequented by people.

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The ECO FRESH AIR cooler are equipped with a UV lamp to sterilise water and prevent the formation of bacteria (such as legionella, for instance) and mould.

Evaporative cooling

The functioning principle is entirely natural: the hot air passes through cellulose honeycomb panels that are wet with water during the cooling cycle. Simply by contact and the natural effect of evaporation, the heat contained in it is dispersed, generating a flow of cool, natural air.

The air, filtered and cooled, draws the heat away from the area, creating a fresh sense of relief, just as occurs in nature near the sea or a waterfall.

Unlike air conditioning systems, it can be used with the windows open, in large spaces and outdoors.



The purchase cost is much lower than for a conventional air conditioning system; there are no installation or maintenance costs, and it consumes the same amount of electricity as a low-watt light bulb.


The cooling process uses the natural principle of water evaporation, without the need for any refrigerating liquids or electrical energy.


Ideal for areas where it is necessary to lower the temperatures, because of the weather conditions outside and/or production and engineering processes that involve the generation of heat.

Because it produces a constant air exchange, the cooler keeps the air clean, creating a comfortable environment essential for well-being, productivity and quality of life.

The system is also simple to maintain, because no particular equipment or specialised skills are necessary to check and clean the coolers.

Eco Fresh Air

Evaporative Air Coolers for Industrial Use

For cooling open or semi-open areas, targeting the cool air in the necessary areas, for maximum efficiency and energy saving.

They do not require installation, can be used immediately and placed where they are required.

They reduce the perceived temperature by approx. 5°C/7°C, with a pleasant oscillating, adjustable ventilation effect.

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