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Boatyard heating

For boatyards of all sizes, Sunswitch's outstanding selection of premium infrared heaters is the ideal heating option.

Wooden Boat in a boatyard

Benefits of SunSwitch infrared heating for boatyards:

Particularly during the chilly winter months, boatyards and workshops may become very cold. Boatyards are infamous for having high ceilings, shutter doors that allow all the warm air out, and being highly draughty!

SunSwitch Infrared Boatyard Heaters

Sunswitch have a range of quality infrared heaters to cope with the cold weather in boatyards and also sells infrared boatyard heaters to help with the osmosis treatment on the boat and anti-foul drying.

Heaters we recommend for boatyards

  • Varma V400 Vertical 3kW high output radiant infrared heater
  • Varma V400 Horizontal 3kW high output radiant infrared heater
  • Varma V400 2kW industrial infrared heater for factories, workshops and garages
  • Varma 1.3kW Workshop heater – IP54 (dustproof & splashproof)
  • Varma Tower 3kW infrared heater
  • Helios ROBOT TEL 3kW portable workshop heater
  • Varma FIRE 3kW portable workshop heater
  • Varma FIRE 2 1.5kW portable infrared heater

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