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Feedback from SunSwitch Church Customers

I thought you would like to know how satisfied we are with the infrared heaters supplied by SunSwitch.

The new infrared heating system was installed towards the end of August 2013. Over the past 10 months I have been recording the temperature during Sunday Mass times and noted that they range between 18° and 20°C. Similar records during winter months 2012 / 2013 the temperature range was between 8° and 13°C. The running costs now show a significant reduction in our consumption of electricity. Meter readings confirm a reduction of around 60%.

Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) has advised that £1500.00 was being transferred into our bank account as a consequence of our reduced consumption, and that they will shortly reassess downwards the level of our Direct Debit.

The actual consumption for the 3 Quarters September through June are as follows:

2012/2013: 22802 units
2013/2014: 8877 units

Your heaters and controllers have proved to be the ideal solution for our situation. Many thanks for your good advice and service.

Terry Delany
St Anthony's Church, Balfron

I would just like to say how thrilled we are with the installation of the 3 heaters in our Listed vicarage. The vicarage is 3 stories high, old, draughty, stone walls, stone floors, 12ft ceilings, 6ft high single glazed sliding sashes and a huge cold basement too – all of which sap the heat out of the building. The existing heating simply could not cope with the demand and we turned to your heaters to try something new as the vicars always complained they could not heat the rooms.

On the morning of the installation it was so cold the contractors had cold misty breath when they spoke inside the main reception rooms! Once the heaters were up and working the contractors could not believe the difference they made to each room. They described it to me 'like walking out of the cold shadows into warm sunshine!'

You have a very happy customer down on the south coast and shortly you will have a very warm and grateful vicar too!

Barry Fryer
Property Manager and Surveyor, Portsmouth Diocesan Board of Finance

I have now bought four heaters to replace electric radiant heaters with a wire element at the church where I am a church warden. I will probably order up to five more to finish the job. I have been very satisfied with the ordering process online and think that the improvement to the site when delivery date can be given also is a very useful addition.

The heaters are very efficient and use less energy than those they replace, and over the time I have been involved they have had useful small modifications making them easier to install. I have replaced old 4kW heaters with 2 & 3kW heaters with the same heating effect. The glow of the new heaters is less than other models and with our church is mostly above visual eye line.

David Poore
St Mark’s Church, Wootton, Isle of Wight

On behalf of Mansfield Baptist Church I would like to say how pleased we are with the quartz halogen heaters recently purchased from yourselves. In particular, we would particularly thank you for the help and advice you gave prior to our purchasing these items. Delighted with the results, especially with the heating effect being instant. We would certainly recommend this system to other Churches for similar applications and again would thank you for all the help and advice given.

Terry Revill
Mansfield Baptist Church
The heaters are very, very good.
Carrog Village Hall
It's a real pleasure dealing with someone blessed with both a clear technical understanding of his product range and sound customer skills.
David Farman
Farman Associates

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