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Flood Recovery

SunSwitch Has the ideal heaters for effective flood recovery heating & drying solutions.

flooded area indoors

When the worst happens, the entire force of rainy weather is felt by our houses and businesses. Interiors can be destroyed if flooding occurs, and the drying out procedure can be tiring & stressful. The majority of conventional heaters, due to their lack of power, are not suitable for flood recovery heating. Sometimes you can leave a blow air heater running in a damp room for days without any noticeable improvement.

A range of infrared heaters from Sunswitch are designed specifically for flood recovery. These portable industrial heaters are powerful, portable, and efficient. They are a safe and reliable flood recovery heating solution.

Benefits of SunSwitch infrared heaters for flood recovery areas

Heaters we recommend for Flood recovery

  • Varma Tower 3kW infrared heater
  • Helios ROBOT TEL 3kW portable workshop heater
  • Varma FIRE 3kW portable workshop heater
  • Varma FIRE 2 1.5kW portable infrared heater

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