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Historic Building heating

Historic buildings are notoriously difficult to heat. This is an issue because most they’re not always occupied.

historic church building

Historic buildings are notoriously difficult to heat. They are usually poorly insulated by modern day standards, and may have thick stone walls and floors, so they also may have a high thermal mass. This means they take a long time to heat up and a lot of heat energy is used in the process.

Traditional heating can be historic buildings, particularly where they are subjected to weekly heating cycles. It is only in the last 150 years that we have sought to heat historic buildings and often the signs of damage are evident. The thermal and humidity shocks caused by warming air, coupled with the release of moisture from people, produces condensation on cold walls, timbers and artworks. This presents a tremendous challenge for conservation. The damage is cumulative with long term implications. The black mould spots of the Stachybotrys fungus, dry rot and wet rot are all too familiar.

Benefits of SunSwitch infrared heaters for historic buildings

Bespoke Control Panels

Our off-the-shelf controllers listed below go up to 6kW and are great when installing one or two heaters. However, for larger industrial installations, where multiple heaters exceeding 6kW are being used to warm an area and require to be controlled simultaneously, we also offer bespoke control panels. For more information and to contact us with your requirements, please click here.

Heaters we recommend for historic buildings

  • Helios HP3-60T 6.0kW high bay, high power warehouse and factory heater
  • Helios HPV3-60T 6.0kW high bay, high power warehouse and factory heater
  • Varma V400 Vertical 3kW high output radiant infrared heater
  • Varma V400 Horizontal 3kW high output radiant infrared heater
  • Varma V400 2kW industrial infrared heater for factories, workshops and garages
  • Varma Tower 3kW infrared heater
  • CC1 Energy-saving Comfort Controller
  • CC3 4kW/6kW Energy-saving Comfort Controller - Manual
  • Infresco P 6kW PIR/soft-start/temp-sensor
  • Infresco P 4kW PIR/soft-start/temp-sensor
  • Infresco T 6kW push-button timer and soft-start
  • Infresco CT 4kW Timer Controller
  • United Automation Infresco S 6kW inline soft-start
  • United Automation Infresco S 4kW inline soft-start

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