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Swimming pools and Spas heating

SunSwitch's line of premium infrared heaters, which are fully IP rated, offer an efficient heating option for spas and pools.

indoor swimming pool

Creating the ideal environment for people to relax in is a key concern in swimming pool and spa settings. For relaxation and unwinding, your spa and pool need to be kept at a comfortable temperature.

Customers often want to be able to relax by the pool but they won’t necessarily enjoy the experience as much if the weather is cold. Traditional heaters are widely available, however many of them are large and not sealed against moisture. As a result, they cannot be around locations that are moist, such as swimming pools.
For this heating application, SunSwitch’s selection of infrared heaters is ideal. SunSwitch infrared heaters are completely IP certified (Ingress Protection), allowing them to be safe and will seamlessly merge into any spa or swimming pool environment.

SunSwitch infrared heaters feature numerous options for installation that may be fixed on the ceiling or on the wall, keeping the heaters away from children and adults, and thus enjoying the warmth on their skin. Shortwave infrared heaters from SunSwitch emit a clean unstuffy heat. Check out our selection below. These are a fantastic option for swimming pools because they are sleek, discreet, very effective and efficient.

Heaters we recommend for Swimming Pools and spas

  • Heliosa 66 Black 2kW
  • Heliosa 993 3kW weathersafe twin radiant heater and stand
  • CC1 Energy-saving Comfort Controller
  • CC3 4kW/6kW Energy-saving Comfort Controller - Manual
  • Infresco P 4kW PIR/soft-start/temp-sensor
  • Infresco CT 4kW Timer Controller
  • United Automation Infresco S 4kW inline soft-start

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