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Our old electric radiant heaters are on their last legs, what can we do?

Old electric heater

We are receiving an increasing number of calls from churches and heritage organisations with ageing electric infrared heaters that no longer work properly.

Some of these have the old-fashioned electric bar fire type of heater element. Others have early quartz halogen infrared heaters (the ‘Quartzray’ brand is quite common). These may be over 30 years old and the elements may have joined the choir eternal. We may or may not be able to provide replacement elements—please contact us to find out.

However, do bear in mind that element replacement in this type of heater should only be performed by a qualified electrician.By the time the electrican’s hourly rate has been added to the cost of a replacement element, the repair bill may be comparable to a brand new replacement heater. Not only will this look better, but it will give more warmth per Watt of energy used, and it will have a superior light output too.

Early quartz halogen infrared heaters were developed from industrial infrared products and they give an intense red glare. Modern quartz halogen heaters give out a pinky white light which is much kinder to the eyes.

How many heaters do I require

If you decide to replace those old heaters, a good starting point is to find their rated output – look on the serial plate. Modern replacements of the same power rating will feel hotter, so If the old heaters were adequate, SunSwitch heaters of the same kilowatt rating will be more than adequate. If the old heaters were less than adequate, SunSwitch heaters of the same rating will deliver more heat and so may be adequate for your needs.

We are pleased to offer guidance on the specification and application of our heater products. If you need further help, please contact us on 01424 883344.

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Church and Heritage Building Infrared Heaters

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