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SunSwitch Helios HP3-60T 6kW heater + Controller

Exceptional radiant heat output for high-bay installation in warehouses, industrial units and factories at around 5–6.5m. Includes controller.


6kW Heater and Controller Combination

SunSwitch Helios HP3-60T 6.0kW heater

• Exceptionally high heat output
• 3 Phase / 1 Phase compatible (please see wiring download)
• IP20 rating
• Suspend from chains or mount to wall
• Industry-standard gold quartz halogen elements for neutral light output
• Optically designed parabolic reflectors for maximum heat output
• Rugged powder-coated aluminium enclosure

Exceptional radiant heat output for high-bay installation in warehouses, industrial units and factories at around 5 – 6.5m. Supplied with a wall-mounting tilt and swivel bracket or can be suspended from chains. The heater has three 2kW infrared elements with neutral density light output (no red glare). The heater elements are very energy-efficient, with over 93.5% conversion of electricity into heat. Integrates directly with single phase or three phase electrical supplies. The heater elements can be switched independently to provide low, medium and high heat settings. Viable heated area up to 50m2 (120W/m2). For advice on application of this product, please ring us on 01424 883344.

Replacement element: 15005-al

CC3 6kW Energy-saving Comfort Controller – Manual

• Convenient 10-step instant heat adjustment
• Saves energy when heat is turned down
• IP65 rated – for use indoors, outdoors or in humid environments
• Easy to install
• Can be run from a 13A plug for loads below 3kW
• Soft-start – extends life of infrared heater elements by up to 30%
• Optional temperature, PIR and time based control (see below)
• Works with any SunSwitch heater/s up to a maximum overall load of 6kW

This CC3 Energy-saving Comfort Controller enables the heat output from up to 6kW of SunSwitch infrared heaters to be manually adjusted for complete comfort control, while also providing a soft-start to maximise element life. The advanced phase angle circuit has been specially developed for use with quartz halogen heating. When turned down, the CC3 also reduces energy consumption which, in the long run, more than offsets the purchase price.

The CC3 features a soft-start circuit that brings the heaters on gently. This optimises the life of the infrared elements and eliminates nuisance tripping caused by inductive current rush. Optional accessories that automate control and provide additional energy-savings include temperature and PIR sensors. With the optional temperature sensor, if the ambient temperature exceeds the set point, the heater/s are switched off. The PIR volt-free contact can also be wired to a conventional heating time programmer so the heating will switch on and off automatically at scheduled times.



Heatable area


Rec. mounting height

3.5–4.0m max

Rec. mounting angle

Horizontal to 45°





Distance between appliances


Electrical supply

400V ac three phase or 220-240Vac single phase


Class 1


Aluminium chassis, powder coated, with aluminium reflectors

Environmental protection


Element life

5000 hours (nom)


Cream (RAL1013)


128x 22.5 x 11.5cm (WHD)






Heavy duty tilt & swivel wall bracket included


Wiring Diagrams

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