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SunSwitch Varma 1.3kW Workshop heater + CC2 Controller

Low-carbon, high-performance industrial heating and controller solution!

Rugged 1.3kW dustproof heater suitable for use in industrial or workshop environments where high levels of dust and moisture are present, plus controller.


IP54 Heater and Controller Combination

SunSwitch Varma 1.3kW Workshop heater – IP54 (dustproof and splashproof)

• Suitable for use in dusty and damp environments
• Safety glass front panel
• Inexpensive clip-in gold element
• Stainless steel bracket with wing nut for easy removal
• Cable not included

This rugged 1.3kW heater with clip-in gold element is suitable for use in industrial or workshop environments where high levels of dust and moisture are present, e.g. wood dust. It can be used to spot heat a work station or in groups to warm larger area. The element and optical grade reflector are sealed behind a tempered safety glass front panel. The safety glass used allows virtually all the heat to pass through it, increasing heat output and extending element life. Supplied with a wall mounting bracket. Easy to install. Cable not included. Replacement element: 15028R

SunSwitch CC2 Energy-saving Comfort Controller 1.5kW

• 1.5kW variable controller with soft-start
• Outstanding value!
• Background warmth from under 2p per hour
• Convenient, instant heat adjustment
• Saves energy when heat is turned down
• Standard BS patress box integrates with conduit, trunking, etc.
• Easy to install
• Works with any SunSwitch heater/s up to a maximum overall load of 1.5kW

Our most popular controller for the lower powered range of infrared heaters, very competitively priced, now updated and improved! The CC2 Energy-saving Comfort Controller enables the heat output from up to 1.5kW of SunSwitch infrared heaters to be manually adjusted for complete comfort while also providing a soft-start to maximise element life. Without this form of control, your infrared heaters will always be running at maximum power. With the CC2,it has a 5 step output – off / Low/ Medium / High / Full, enabling gentle background warmth to be provided from under 2p per hour. When turned down, the CC2 saves energy which,in the long run, more than offsets the purchase price. And because your heaters will be running cooler, they will last much longer. So you win all round. The CC2 is extremely simple to install with just neutral, live and earth inputs, and connections to the heater/s.



Heatable area


Rec. mounting height


Rec. mounting angle






Distance between appliances


Electrical supply

220-240V ac 50/60 Hz single phase


Class 1


Powder-coated alloy casting with SS reflector

Environmental protection

IP54 (dust and splash proof)

Element life

2000 hours (nom.)




38 x 24 x 17cm




Not supplied


Wall bracket included


CC2 Installation Manual

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