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The world’s only radiant ATEX heater just got better

EHSAFE shortwave infrared heater

Launched originally in 2012, the EHSAFE shortwave infrared heater has been replaced by a new, radically re-engineered model. It is imported and distributed in the UK solely by SunSwitch Limited.

The new heater features an integrated cast heat sink, a ROBAX ceramic front panel, and an improved heater mounting assembly. It is IP66 rated and is suitable for use in ATEX zones 1 and 2 where potentially flammable/explosive gas or dust may be present.

A key aspect of the new model is that it does not need to be returned for element replacement – the work can be performed on-site. No pressure testing is required.

EHSAFE20AL has a 2kW output which is sufficient to warm an area of around 20m². A lower surface temperature 1.5kW version is available to order at no extra charge.

Providing warmth in ATEX zones can be a tricky problem. Heaters that are ATEX approved, such as fan-assisted heaters and convector heaters, transfer heat by warming the air. Even gas catalytic heaters work by warming the air. The problem is that in many ATEX environments, warmed air will simply disappear, leaving operatives literally out in the cold.

Shortwave infrared doesn’t heat the air directly – it passes through the air to create a warm zone in front of the heater. The warm zone is not affected by air movement. This heating principle works even in low air temperatures, making EHSAFE20AL ideal for spot heating cold, damp and draughty workplaces.

Compared with other ATEX compliant heaters, EHSAFE20AL provides a very high heat output coupled with a very low purchase price and running costs. An ATEX-rated junction box is also offered by SunSwitch to ease installation.

EHSAFE20AL ATEX-compliant radiant infrared heater switched on

Helios EHSAFE20AL - ATEX approved infrared heater

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