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How to get the most out of your SunSwitch® Infrared Heater installation?

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SunSwitch® Infrared Heaters do not heat the air like conventional heaters do, but instead they only heat objects and us as people. This enables you to easily create strategic heating zones within an industrial space, delivering instant warmth on demand, when and where it is needed!

Its so important that SunSwitch® Infrared Heaters are sized up correctly, so you get maximum benefit from your installation. (we offer free expert advice and can put together a heating solution that perfectly suits your individual needs and requirements).

SunSwitch® Infrared Heaters are very directional, so choosing the optimum positioning and mounting of the heaters is very important part of the installation process, and another reason to take advantage of our free expert advice.

We always recommend that our SunSwitch® Infrared Heaters are installed by a qualified electrician.

SunSwitch® Infrared heater elements are designed to give a long operating life when the heaters are correctly installed and are field replaceable if a problem occurs.

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