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What’s the best outdoor patio heater?

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SunSwitch are exclusive distributors of the Star Progetti range of infrared outdoor heaters. They overcome the most significant challenges of heating outdoors with innovative infrared technology.

Star Progetti and developed in Italy the concept of ‘Infrared Electric Outdoor Heating’ technology over 20 years ago, and since then have maintained an unrivalled reputation as world leaders in outdoor infrared heating. Their short wave infrared heaters have become a must in modern outdoor heating, outdoor dining and the outdoor areas of pubs and bars (including smoking areas), able to heat outdoor spaces far more efficiently than gas or other heaters.

These energy efficient electric outdoor heaters are now so advanced they have become both the most economical and environmental way to keep people warm and comfortable outdoors.

The benefits of Star Progetti infrared short wave heaters for heating outdoors include:

  • Instantaneous and efficient heat: Short wave technology works just like the sunshine as soon as switched on.
  • Direct heat: The weatherproof outdoor heaters warm people and objects and not the air in-between, resulting in an enjoyably fresh, warm environment.
  • IP rated: Through rigorous testing, all of our outdoor heaters are IP rated and can operate in various climatic conditions; able to be lefty outdoors all year round.

Outdoor Patio Infrared Heating

  • Heliosa 66 Black 2kW
  • Heliosa 993 3kW weathersafe twin radiant heater and stand

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