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ATEX Heater

Get safe, powerful and efficient heating with the only ATEX approved infrared heater in the world.

Workers in an ATEX environment

The only truly effective, money-saving heating solution for hazardous environments

It’s a win-win solution: Workers enjoy safe, instant heating and you enjoy the cost-saving benefits of efficient shortwave infrared heating, whilst reducing your carbon footprint at the same time!

The SunSwitch ATEX heater can be safely used in hazardous environments and produces instant shortwave infrared warmth, just like the sun. This is the most eco-friendly man-made source of heat because it does not heat the air but creates an instant pool of warmth, which directly warms people and will not drift away with air movement. This helps to keep workers warm without wasting money, unlike with conventional heating systems that warm the air which can then drift away!

Because there is no dispersion of the heat SunSwitch infrared heaters are incredibly efficient and can save you up to 70% on your electricity bills compared to traditional air heating systems.

Furthermore, SunSwitch electric warehouse heaters cost much less to buy and run than alternatives and are virtually maintenance-free. No contest!

  • Helios EHSAFE20AL 2kW – ATEX approved infrared heater

Areas requiring the use of a heater complying with ATEX regulations include:

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Not sure which heaters are right for your work space? No problem! Our complimentary service will help you to understand which heating products are best suited to your space.

In the right environment, there is no other heating technology which can deliver instantaneous heat in an effective manner, whilst also significantly reducing your heating bills and carbon footprint!

Complete the enquiry form with details of the space(s) you’re looking to heat and our expert team will put together a heating solution based on your specific requirements, including:

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Buy ATEX approved Heater

This powerful, ATEX compliant infrared heater for hazardous areas is the only infrared heater in the world for ATEX environments.

  • Helios EHSAFE20AL 2kW – ATEX approved infrared heater

Areas which require the use of a heater complying with ATEX regulations include:

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