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Dusty environment heating

SunSwitch has the ideal heater for dusty environments and damp areas in its range with its VARMA Workshop heater - IP54 (dustproof & splashproof).

Dusty woodworking workshop

The rugged 1.3kW Varma workshop heater with clip-in gold element is suitable for use in industrial or workshop environments where high levels of dust and moisture are present, e.g. wood dust. It can be used to spot heat a work station or in groups to warm larger area.

The element and optical grade reflector are sealed behind a tempered safety glass front panel. The safety glass used allows virtually all the heat to pass through it, increasing heat output and extending element life

Innovative infrared shortwave technology is used by the IP54 heater to ensure that infrared heat is not impacted by dust and moisture.

Heaters we recommend for dusty environments

  • Helios EHSAFE20AL 2kW – ATEX approved infrared heater
  • Varma WR2000/20 2kW Infrared Heater
  • Varma 1.3kW Workshop heater – IP54 (dustproof & splashproof)
  • CC1 Energy-saving Comfort Controller
  • CC3 4kW/6kW Energy-saving Comfort Controller - Manual
  • Infresco P 6kW PIR/soft-start/temp-sensor
  • Infresco P 4kW PIR/soft-start/temp-sensor
  • Infresco T 6kW push-button timer and soft-start
  • Infresco CT 4kW Timer Controller
  • United Automation Infresco S 6kW inline soft-start
  • United Automation Infresco S 4kW inline soft-start

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