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Our Infrared Heater Product Range

Car storage and Warehouse with short-range infrared heating

Designed for Heavy Duty Applications

Our range of professional short-wave infrared electric heaters have been designed for heating industrial spaces and workstations, for heat in industrial processes and for ATEX environments.

The heaters have been designed and manufactured specifically to:

industrial factory with SunSwitch infrared heaters

The advantages of heating an industrial space with short-wave infrared:

More Effective




More Environmentally Friendly

Warehouse with short range infrared heating

Industrial Infrared Heating

A proven range of rugged electric infrared heaters suitable for use in demanding industrial heating applications. All of our industrial heaters work instantly—no pre-heating required—and provide very low running costs as well as great reliability.

The range includes wall-mounted and portable heater models for space heating, or zone heating in a garage or workshop environment. We even supply heaters for use in harsh environments including damp, wet or dusty workshop production areas, and ATEX approved heaters where hazardous fumes may be present.

Church & Heritage Infrared Heating

Churches and heritage buildings and halls are notoriously difficult to heat which is an issue because most churches, heritage buildings and halls are occupied only intermittently. Also, as hot air rises, tall buildings lose most of their warm air up in the ceiling where it’s of little use.

SunSwitch heaters counter this problem by heating objects rather than the air, so congregations and visitors are quickly warmed without wasting energy and money.

Church-building with Helios HPV3-60T infrared heaters

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