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What does it cost to buy and run a SunSwitch Infrared Heater?

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The cost for a SunSwitch® heater starts from as little as £150 + VAT for a 1.5kW patio heater, so you can be assured to find a heater from our widest choice of specialist infrared heaters, to suit your individual requirements and budget.

The quality of SunSwitch® industrial infrared heaters have been proven in the market, so whilst it’s sometimes tempting to buy what appears to be an equivalent heater cheaper, the important things to consider are the heater elements, which don’t last long on cheap heaters and finding a replacement element can be challenging, often ending up with the whole heater being replaced instead of just the element. We stand behind the quality of our SunSwitch® products and carry a full range of replacement elements for all our heaters.

To calculate the cost of running a SunSwitch® heater per hour is easy. If you know what you’re paying per kWh for electricity, multiply this amount by the kW-size of your BaskZone heater. (For example, if you’re paying £0.30 per kWh and your heater size is 1.5kW, then £0.30 x 1.5 = £0.45. This means it costs you £0.45 per hour to run the heater, on 100% full power.

It’s important to remember that the technology used in our SunSwitch® infrared heaters means you have heat on demand, precisely when you need it. The warmth is felt instantly, so a warm-up period is no longer needed and the money you pay for electricity is put to very efficient use, with no wasted energy!

We always recommend using a SunSwitch® energy-saving comfort controller to control your heater. It is the controller that drives an unrivalled increase in efficiency and enables you to adjust the heat intensity up and down heaters depending on how cold it is. If the ambient temperature is not too cold, the controller enables you to reduce the heat intensity (just like a dimmer switch on a light) down to as low as 30%. This means that instead of the heater costing you £0.45 per kWh (as in the above example) when its operating on 100% full power, it will now only cost you £0.14 per kWh, a remarkable 70% increase in efficiency and cost saving!

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