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Bespoke energy-saving controls

Many industrial-type spaces are now switching from gas and oil to infrared—and this drives a demand for bespoke controllers which exceed 6kW.

We offer a comprehensive range of off-the-shelf energy saving controllers for Infrared Heaters, which are great when installing one or two heaters up to 6kW. However, for larger installations, where multiple heaters exceeding 6kW are being used to warm an area and require to be controlled simultaneously, we also offer bespoke control panels.

With bespoke controls, we can pretty much design into the control panel whatever functionality you require for your specific requirements. Below is an example of how we work together with our customers to deliver an affordable heating solution that is effective, functional and green!

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Our range of Infrared Heating Controllers:

  • CC2 1.5kW 4 Step Power IR Regulator – Manual Control
  • CC1 Energy-saving Comfort Controller
  • CC3 4kW/6kW Energy-saving Comfort Controller - Manual
  • CC3 4kW/6kW Energy-saving Comfort Controller - Manual
  • CC3 4kW/6kW Energy-saving Comfort Controller - Manual
  • SunSwitch CC3 Remote control handset
  • Infresco P 6kW PIR/soft-start/temp-sensor
  • Infresco P 4kW PIR/soft-start/temp-sensor
  • Infresco T 6kW push-button timer and soft-start
  • Infresco CT 4kW Timer Controller
  • United Automation Infresco S 6kW inline soft-start
  • United Automation Infresco S 4kW inline soft-start
  • Envirostat FP6E 6kW
  • Envirostat-FP6E
  • CC3 Push Button Boost Override Timer
  • CC3 PIR Movement Sensor- IP44
  • CC3 - Time Programmer
  • Black Bulb Radiant Temperature Sensor
  • CC3 Remote Temperature Sensor - IP65
  • CC3 Thermistor Sensor - IP68

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