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What is Local Warming?

Local Warming means heating workstations and industrial spaces by using short-wave infrared technology. This provides heat to specific areas without waste and with substantial energy savings.

The use of short-wave infrared technology makes it possible to create a “heat bubble”, which is able to heat a specific area where people are present, only when necessary and only for as long as necessary. The heat is not affected by the movement of air caused, for example by doors and windows being opened and closed, or stratification, where warm air rises—a big problem when trying to provide heat in large spaces.

Conventional heating systems heat the air, which is wasted as it naturally rises and can also drift away with air movement.
Short wave infrared local warming
Infrared Heating creates an instant pool of warmth, which will not rise to the ceiling or drift away with air movement.

The limits of traditional air heating systems

Climate change and the increasing attention to the need for a reduction in CO2 emissions are two of the main factors that are currently hastening not only the transition to renewable sources, but also the search for solutions able to guarantee energy efficiency.

In this context, traditional heating systems that heat the air have many limitations, such as:

The unneccessary waste of energy from the need for preheating and the need to heat the entire volume of air of a room, rather than the individual zones.

High energy consumption due to the need to keep the heating system on almost constantly.

The difficulty of heating large industrial spaces because heat is dispersed as a result of air movements, as is often the case with sectional doors and windows, etc.

Complex, expensive, centralised management in the event of sudden temperature changes.

The need for expensive, invasive masonry work from the installation to the renovation of the heating system.
The need for expensive, invasive masonry work from the installation to the renovation of the heating system.

High mandatory maintenance costs.

High ecological impact.

Why is “local warming” the heating system of the future?

Compared to classic air heating systems, an IRK localised short-wave infrared heating system allows for significant energy savings, because it minimises the waste of energy required to operate the system.

More Effective

With a localised infrared heating system, it is possible to easily solve the problem of heating individual working areas in large industrial spaces and maximise comfort for operators.


Installing and/or implementing a SunSwitch localised infrared heating system means creating a simple electrical system that saves both time and money, because there is no need for expensive, invasive masonry work.


Because it does not cause air movements, dust, allergens, viruses and bacteria are not recirculated. In addition, compared to traditional gas systems, no condensation is generated inside the structure, and the air does not tend to dry out.

Less Expensive

The cost of installing the system is minimal, because all it requires is a simple electrical system. Because it is not necessary to heat the whole volume of air in the room, but only the areas where it is actually required, or to compensate for the possible dispersion of hot air caused by opening and closing doors, energy consumption and running costs are significantly lower than for other systems. In addition, plant maintenance is minimal compared to other systems.

More Ecological

Heating the work areas only where necessary for the time they are occupied significantly reduces energy consumption, and thus ecological impact.

In addition, by using the energy produced by a photovoltaic system, where present, or deciding to use energy produced exclusively from renewable sources, it is possible to make the heating system even more eco-sustainable. In this way, the volume of CO2 associated with running the heating system that is released into the atmosphere is reduced.

Choosing to heat an industrial space with SunSwitch means:


Saving on heating system installation costs

No Maintenance

Avoiding costly, complex regular maintenance activities


Maximum flexibility, whatever the weather conditions

Modern Technology

The possibility to immediately use the energy produced by a photovoltaic system


Avoiding air movement that is potentially dangerous as a result of the dust in suspension that may be harmful to operators

Reduced Environmental Impact

The possibility to reduce your level of CO2 emissions

Cost Reductions

The possibility to reduce the operating costs of the heating system by up to 70%

Consultancy and Advise

Professional advice and support from a company with more than 25 years of experience in the sector

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