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Short-Wave Infrared Heating

Not all infrared rays are the same

Within the electromagnetic spectrum that identifies infrared rays, there are different wavelengths. Based on wavelengths, infrared rays can be divided into three different categories:


Short-wave infrared rays


Medium-wave infrared rays


Long-wave infrared rays

The different wavelengths directly affect the radiation capacity and, consequently, the heating capacity in the area to be heated.

Most infrared heaters on the market today use medium or long waves. These waves have a reduced ability to spread through space and are usually filtered by the Earth’s atmosphere. With like-for-like consumption, all heaters that use medium and long-wave infrared radiation have a distinctly lower radiation—and therefore heating—capacity, which means they are inadequate to meet the heating needs of workstations in industrial spaces.

For this reason, SunSwitch professional heaters use only short-wave infrared rays. With like-for-like consumption, the short waves guarantee maximum performance in all industrial applications.

For a more in-depth explanation of infrared heating, click here.

Chart showing infrared wavlengths
Illustration of the reflector technology

Special reflectors patented by Star Progetti

SunSwitch is the UK’s sole distributor of Star Progetti shortwave infrared products. Decades of experience in the research and application of infrared technology have allowed Star Progetti to develop and patent special, specific parabolic reflectors.

The shape of the parabolic reflector and the special aluminium alloy optimise the refraction of the infrared rays, guaranteeing the maximum heat efficiency and significant energy saving.

The even concentration of infrared rays allows for the diffusion of an even, dispersion-free beam of heat.

With the same amount of electricity consumption, Star Progetti electric infrared heaters guarantee a 30% higher heat yield than many other heaters present on the market.

Designed to heat working areas in industrial spaces

All Helios Radient infrared heaters have been designed and manufactured specifically for heating work areas in industrial environments:

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