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Industrial Climate Solutions

Low carbon heating and cooling systems for commercial and industrial spaces.

Immediate heat and evaporative air cooling where and when you need it.

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Helios Safe Industry heater

SunSwitch® provide a range of low carbon heating solutions suited for all industrial applications, that will help accelerate your journey to net zero emissions thanks to proven, reliable and cost-effective technologies.

SunSwitch® is the UK’s sole distributor of Star Progetti’s short-wave infrared heaters and evaporative air coolers, which can significantly contribute to decarbonising heating and cooling across all industrial and commercial applications.

Heat is the largest single source of carbon emissions. Facilities Managers and Building Services Engineers are switching their industrial heating systems from fossil-fuels to electric and combining the power of solar and industrial infrared heating to gain maximum performance, carbon reductions and lower costs.

For the summer, evaporative air cooling provides fresh, cool air in industrial and commercial spaces and require very little electricity, ensuring maximum efficiency and energy savings.

Heating for Industrial Applications

Our range of professional short-wave infrared electric heaters have been designed and manufactured specifically to heat work areas in industrial environments:

Car storage and Warehouse with short-range infrared heating
Warehouse for Industrial heating

Industrial specialist Infrared Heaters

Workers in an ATEX environment

ATEX-approved unique infrared heater

Church heating

Church & Heritage Infrared Heaters

Cruise Heater and ocean liner

Marine-Grade Unique Infrared Heater

Hypothermsave heater used in rescue tent

Emergency Services Hypothermsave® Heater

Horse in a stable warmed by infrared heating

Baskzone® specialist Animal infrared heaters

Save up to 70% on heating costs compared to traditional air heating systems & reduce your carbon footprint

SunSwitch Infrared Heating truly is an effective, money-saving, low carbon heating solution. Our heaters provide immediate warmth where and when you need it with low, calculable running costs, saving you up to 70% on heating costs compared to traditional air heating systems.

Infrared heaters produce radiant heat, providing warmth exactly like the sun’s rays. They provide local warming to create an instant pool of heat which directly warms people and does not drift away with air movement, allowing you to focus the heat just where you want it. This not only saves you energy and money but also provides far more comfortable working conditions, which is why so many people and businesses are switching from gas and oil to our effective, eco-friendly and inexpensive to run heating solutions.

Save up to 70% on heating costs

Industrial Air Cooling for Work Environments

Our  evaporative air coolers are ideal for cooling open or semi-open areas that cannot be reached by air conditioning systems because of dispersion and high running costs.


Industrial Modular Partitions for Work Areas

Modular room dividers from SunSwitch allow rooms and work areas to be separated, creating new spaces, even temporary ones, which can be extended, protected, heated and cooled.

Industrial Modular Partitions used in a factory

Industrial Air Cooling

Our  evaporative air coolers are ideal for cooling open or semi-open areas that cannot be reached by air conditioning systems because of dispersion and high running costs.

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Quote & Expert Advice

Not sure which infrared heaters and air coolers are right for you? No problem! Our complimentary Expert Advice Service will help you to understand which heating products are best suited to your space.

industrial infrared heater
Warehouse with short range infrared heating
AMB-FRE8000b -Air-Cooler-in-workspace
church infrared heating

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