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Conservatory heating

The infrared conservatory heaters from SunSwitch are the ideal solution to your heating issues. The premium SunSwitch infrared heaters are designed to rapidly heat persons and objects, eliminating the need for pre-heating periods and allowing you to enjoy your conservatory in the utmost comfort.

Home Conservatory

Conservatory heating needs to be separate from the rest of the house

Due to the large open area and inadequate insulation capabilities of glass, conservatories have always been challenging to heat. In the past, installing and operating convection heating (such as radiators) inside of your conservatory has been your sole option for heating it; however, doing so leaves the conservatory useless outside of the summer months.

A further difficulty is that any heating in the conservatory must be fully isolated from the rest of the home and have its own controls for temperature and on/off switching in order to comly with Building Regulations.

Benefits of SunSwitch infrared heaters for conservatories

SunSwitch infrared conservatory heaters

Check out our selection below. These are a fantastic option for conservatories because they are sleek, discreet, very effective and efficient.

Heaters we recommend for conservatories

  • Heliosa 66 Black 2kW
  • Varma Tower 3kW infrared heater

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