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Golf driving range heating

Golf driving ranges can benefit from the use of SunSwitch infrared heaters since they radiate heat in a wind-free, straight line.

golf driving range

From the summer through the winter, a golfer practises their swing on the driving range for a significant amount of time. When the weather is too cold, it can be sometimes too much for the golf players to practice and therefore go only when the weather has warmed up a little. This can significantly decrease the profits at the golf driving ranges and see a massive decrease in footfall during the colder months.

SunSwitch infrared heaters are a perfect and efficient heating solutions fo rthsi environment, creating an area or warmth to attract golf players to stay and practice longer in colder weather.

Why choose SunSwitch infrared heaters for Golf driving ranges?

Heaters we recommend for Golf driving ranges

  • Varma V400 Vertical 3kW high output radiant infrared heater
  • Varma V400 Horizontal 3kW high output radiant infrared heater
  • Varma V400 2kW industrial infrared heater for factories, workshops and garages
  • Varma WR2000/20 2kW Infrared Heater
  • Varma 1.3kW Workshop heater – IP54 (dustproof & splashproof)
  • CC1 Energy-saving Comfort Controller
  • CC3 4kW/6kW Energy-saving Comfort Controller - Manual
  • Infresco P 4kW PIR/soft-start/temp-sensor
  • Infresco CT 4kW Timer Controller
  • United Automation Infresco S 4kW inline soft-start

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