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Outdoor Patio Infrared Heating

Keep your clientele warm and happy all year round with powerful and efficient electric radiant heating.

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The only truly effective, money-saving heating solution

It’s a win-win solution: your customers enjoy instant comfortable warmth and you enjoy the cost-saving benefits of efficient shortwave infrared heating, whilst reducing your carbon footprint at the same time!

SunSwitch electric patio heaters work instantly and produce shortwave infrared warmth, just like the sun. This is the most eco-friendly man-made source of heat because it does not heat the air directly but creates an instant pool of warmth, which will not drift away on the wind. In contrast, air warmed by gas patio heaters, carbon infrared or medium wave electric heaters can drift away, resulting in dissatisfied customers, wasted heat and wasted money!

Because there is no dispersion of the heat SunSwitch infrared heaters are incredibly efficient and can save you up to 70% on your electricity bills compared to traditional air heating systems.

Furthermore, SunSwitch electric patio heaters cost much less to buy and run than these alternatives and are virtually maintenance-free. No contest!

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