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Category: Infrared in Practice

friends eating outside
Infrared Heating

What’s the best outdoor patio heater?

These energy efficient electric outdoor heaters are now so advanced they have become both the most economical and environmental way to keep people warm and comfortable outdoors.

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Church with rows of mounted Infrared Heaters
Infrared Heating

Planning your Church Heating Project

We are pleased to offer expert guidance on the specification and application of our church heating products. This service is completely free of charge and without obligation to church customers.

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Helios HPV3-60T 6kW heaters used at a test centre in Norway
Infrared Heating

Drive in test centres save energy with shortwave heaters

A trial installation of shortwave infrared heaters supplied by SunSwitch has dramatically reduced energy demand while improving comfort levels in a Drive in Virus Test Centre in Norway.

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man turning wood on a lathe
Infrared Heating

Best heater for a dusty workshop or shed

It’s that time of year when most of us need some added warmth in our workshops. However, with nearly all types of heaters, dust from woodworking, metalworking or DIY can cause safety and reliability issues.

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