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Construction Heater (240v & 110v)

The first professional infrared heater specially designed to eliminate moisture immediately and bring heat to any kind of construction site.

» Available in both 240V & 110V
» Plug & Play


The first professional infrared heater specially designed to eliminate moisture immediately and bring heat to any kind of construction site.

Short-wave infrared (SWIR) technology offers several advantages in construction, including rapid heating, precise temperature control, and the ability to focus heat where it is needed most. This makes it a valuable tool for improving construction efficiency, quality, and safety while reducing project timelines.

Here are some ways in which SWIR technology is applied in construction:

  • Curing Concrete: SWIR heaters are used to accelerate the curing process of concrete. By directing focused heat onto freshly poured concrete surfaces, construction workers can achieve the desired strength and durability more quickly, reducing construction timelines.
  • Plaster and Paint Drying: SWIR heaters are used effectively to dry plaster, paints, and sealants on construction materials and surfaces. This is crucial for achieving proper adhesion and finish quality in construction projects.
  • Adhesive Bonding: SWIR technology is used to activate adhesive bonds in construction applications. The intense heat produced by SWIR heaters can efficiently cure and strengthen adhesives used in structural and building applications.
  • Welding and Joining: SWIR heaters are used in welding processes, such as plastic welding and thermoplastic pipe joining. The precise and rapid heating capabilities of SWIR technology enable efficient and reliable welding of construction materials.
  • Roofing and Waterproofing: In the roofing and waterproofing industry, SWIR heaters are used to melt and fuse roofing membranes or waterproofing materials, creating a seamless and watertight seal on rooftops and building structures.
  • Asphalt Pavement Repair: SWIR heaters are utilized to repair and maintain asphalt surfaces in construction projects. The focused heat helps soften and rework the asphalt for patching and resurfacing applications.
  • Flooring Installation: SWIR heaters assist in the installation of flooring materials, such as vinyl and linoleum, by softening adhesives and ensuring proper bonding to the substrate.
  • Pipe Thawing: In cold climates, SWIR heaters can be used to thaw frozen pipes and prevent damage to plumbing systems during construction and renovation work.
  • Preventing Cold Weather Setbacks: SWIR heaters are employed to prevent cold weather setbacks in construction projects, ensuring that materials like concrete and masonry cure properly even in low-temperature conditions.
  • Manufacturing Building Components: SWIR technology is used in the manufacturing of various construction components, such as precast concrete elements, architectural glass, and composite materials.


Heatable area


Soft Start

ON/OFF switch with 20/40/60/80/100% heat regulation Soft start.


Telescopic stand with adjustable height up to 180cm

Rec. mounting height

1–2m or according to requirements

Rec. mounting angle

Horizontal to 45°

Electrical supply

110v (100-127V ac 50/60 Hz single phase), 240v (220-240V ac 50/60 Hz single phase)


Steel frame, two layers of micaceous iron grey powder coating. Aluminium reflector.




82 x 23 x 17.5cm



Environmental protection

IPX5 (completely weatherproof), IP44 waterproof industrial plug

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