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The miracle of shortwave infrared

Lighthouse covered in ice.

You are outside on a sunny but icy cold winter’s day. Standing in the shade, you can feel how chilling the air is. But standing in the sun you can feel its power and warmth. Warmth which soaks into you. Warming you to the core. Nurturing you.

What you are feeling is Shortwave Infrared – a natural and comfortable form of warmth.

Longer wavelengths of infrared don’t reach the earth – they are filtered out by the earth’s atmosphere. Only shortwave infrared from the sun reaches the earth’s surface. It is the oldest, most basic kind of warmth known to humankind.

Shortwave infrared does not heat the air directly. It passes through the air and is absorbed into people and objects in its path. So it warms you instantly, outside or in, and does not drift away on the wind. The result is an unsurpassed quality of comfort with economy.

At SunSwitch, we specialise purely in shortwave infrared. All our heaters produce shortwave infrared. We do not do anything else. No apologies!

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