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What are the key benefits of SunSwitch® Shortwave Infrared Heaters compared with other conventional Gas, Oil, Electric Warm-air heaters?

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SunSwitch® Heaters use shortwave infrared technology, which means they do not heat the air, unlike other types of conventional heaters. This is what makes them so cost-effective solution because you can produce heat on demand, with no wasted energy!

SunSwitch® Infrared Heaters provide instant warmth, which means you will feel the warmth immediately, unlike a conventional heater which takes time to warm up the air around you before you start to feel warm. Instant warmth means you no longer need to pre-heat or pre-warm an area prior to occupancy, which is another significant energy-saving benefit.

SunSwitch® heaters do not create any air movement which is a huge benefit for those working in dusty environments.

Air movement has no effect on a SunSwitch® heater performance! This is an important part of the technology to understand because your conventional heaters which heat the air are very wasteful and ineffective, particularly in an industrial space with high exposed ceiling voids! Warm air tends to rise and gather in ceiling voids and is also very quick to escape outside when you open your roller-shutter doors, delivering a very poor return on your investment!

SunSwitch® infrared heaters are great for creating warm-zones for specific occupancy areas, unlike a conventional heater which needs to heat the air within any size space. Being able to spot-heat specific areas as and when required is what will drive down your energy costs.

SunSwitch® also have a unique ATEX-approved heater, which is approved for use within very dusty, flammable, and explosive environments!

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